Medicasa – Medical Delivery

For this project, I was tasked with designing The Medicasa, a web application aimed at serving as a proficient medication delivery platform for healthcare professionals. The platform was intended to facilitate doctors in prescribing medications for their patients following in-person visits.

Design Process:

  • UI Design: Focused primarily on the user interface, ensuring it was intuitive and user-friendly for both healthcare professionals and administrators.
  • UX Recommendations: Suggested integrations with other services to enhance the platform’s appeal to doctors. However, these recommendations were deemed too expensive to implement despite being crucial for doctor adherence.
  • Distinct Dashboards: Designed two distinct dashboards: one tailored for healthcare professionals and another designated for administrators.


Unfortunately, the project did not take off and ultimately failed. Despite this, the experience provided valuable insights into the challenges of designing for the healthcare sector and the importance of integrating necessary features, even if costly.

1. Medical Professionals Dashboard

2. Administrators Dashboard