Luca – Attendance App

I was involved in designing an attendance application for Luca, a prominent Romanian Bakery chain with a strong presence in major Romanian towns. With a sizable workforce of over 2500 employees, the company needed a robust solution to manage attendance data efficiently, including seamless export and import capabilities.

Design Process:

  • User Research: Conducted thorough user research to understand the specific needs and pain points of the bakery chain’s workforce.
  • UI Design: Designed a user-friendly interface that streamlined the attendance tracking process for employees and administrators alike.
  • Data Management: Implemented features to facilitate seamless data export and import, ensuring smooth operations for the HR department.
  • Scalability: Ensured the design could accommodate the large workforce of Luca Bakery and scale as the company grows.

The attendance application provided Luca Bakery with a reliable solution for managing attendance data across its various locations. The seamless export and import functionality simplified HR processes, enhancing overall efficiency.

This project exemplifies my ability to deliver practical UX/UI solutions for complex organizational challenges, emphasizing efficiency and user satisfaction.

1. Manager Dashboard

2. Administrators Dashboard