Special Olympics Romania


This website was designed and built with accessibility as a main consideration, ensuring compatibility with screen readers, employing optimal contrast colors, appropriate font sizes, and meticulously selected font choices.
My role in this project included collaborating with the client to implement their vision, implement accessibility and responsiveness, and adapt the initial desktop Figma design to meet the client’s updated specifications.

“I collaborated with Nicolae for the website of the organization I work for. I appreciated that, unlike other programmers, I could really communicate with him. Besides the fact that he made us a website as we wanted, he helped me and made me understand how the wordpress platform works, where and what I need to change. He made me demonstration videos as many times as needed and was always available with answers when I needed them. A pleasure to work with him. A smart and funny guy.”

Oana Grecea, Communication & PR manager at the Special Olympics Romania Foundation
linkedin nicfurtuna@gmail.com