Baylor Foundation

A notable achievement was the development of a master component, a tabbed menu designed for efficient filtering and guiding of end-users to their desired destinations. Furthermore, I worked in close collaboration with Gabriela Murtaza, PR at Baylor, to optimize content organization and enhance overall accessibility.

“It gives me great pleasure to recommend Mr. Nicolae Furtuna. He is a fully dedicated professional. His contribution, during our collaboration enhanced the quality of the project we were developing at the time. Professionally mature and well balanced, Nicolae managed to approach each work package of the project with the same focus, technical knowledge, and creative support. His attitude towards work and collaboration defined the productivity frame by building a productive dialogue. I am convinced Mr. Furtuna will become indispensable to any team and highly supportive to his peers, active in terms of disseminating key technical information, providing professional growth support to the team, and conducting consultative meetings with the client. Nicolae shows great commitment to rapid skills acquisition, endeavoring his further professional development. He’ll definitely contribute to boosting the tenacious efforts of any employer preoccupied to unlock the full potential he can reach. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details on Mr. Nicolae Furtuna contribution to designing, implementing and timely launching of our project. “

Sanda Gabriela Murtaza – PR Specialist, Fundaţia Baylor – Marea Neagră – BIPAI ROMÂNIA