I am a UX Designer, Front-End Developer, and Web Design Specialist with over 6 years of experience.

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My focus on collaboration made me develop systems that are easy to maintain and serve the needs of all parties involved: web developers, product owners, designers, and beneficiaries.

My experience as a front-end developer, agency co-founder, graphic designer  and UX-UI designer, gave me a down to earth and holistic approach.

Selection of my UX/UI work:

Drop the Work – eCommerce & Business automation

I was tasked with designing Drop the Work, an innovative e-commerce and business automation platform. This project spanned over a year and involved research, numerous design choices, iterations, user testing and collaborative discussions. The design was implemented using MUI (Material-UI) as the design system to ensure consistency and scalability across the platform.

Our collective efforts culminated in the creation of the platform, which can be accessed at app.dropthework.com.
While the platform still requires further development work, my design phase has been successfully completed.

Medicasa – Medical Delivery

For this project, I was tasked with designing The Medicasa, a web application aimed at serving as a proficient medication delivery platform for healthcare professionals. The platform was intended to facilitate doctors in prescribing medications for their patients following in-person visits.

Design Process:

  • UI Design: Focused primarily on the user interface, ensuring it was intuitive and user-friendly for both healthcare professionals and administrators.
  • UX Recommendations: Suggested integrations with other services to enhance the platform’s appeal to doctors. However, these recommendations were deemed too expensive to implement despite being crucial for doctor adherence.
  • Distinct Dashboards: Designed two distinct dashboards: one tailored for healthcare professionals and another designated for administrators.


Unfortunately, the project did not take off and ultimately failed. Despite this, the experience provided valuable insights into the challenges of designing for the healthcare sector and the importance of integrating necessary features, even if costly.

1. Medical Professionals Dashboard

2. Administrators Dashboard

pure it – Hosting Interface

Pure IT offers B2B hosting services to designers and developers, helping them manage their servers, domains, invoicing, and customer plans. My role in this project was focused exclusively on the design process, rather than the actual workflow.

Design Process:

  • UI Design: Created a user-friendly interface tailored to the specific needs of designers and developers, ensuring ease of use and efficiency.
  • Distinct Dashboards: Designed two distinct dashboards: one for partners and another for administrators, each with customized functionalities to suit their specific roles.

The design phase was successfully completed, providing a solid foundation for the development team to build upon. The application was crafted to enhance user experience for both partners and administrators.

This project demonstrated my ability to deliver targeted UI designs for B2B platforms, emphasizing the importance of user-centric design in professional and technical environments.

1. Partner Dashboard

2. Administrators Dashboard

Luca – Attendance App

I was involved in designing an attendance application for Luca, a prominent Romanian Bakery chain with a strong presence in major Romanian towns. With a sizable workforce of over 2500 employees, the company needed a robust solution to manage attendance data efficiently, including seamless export and import capabilities.

Design Process:

  • User Research: Conducted thorough user research to understand the specific needs and pain points of the bakery chain’s workforce.
  • UI Design: Designed a user-friendly interface that streamlined the attendance tracking process for employees and administrators alike.
  • Data Management: Implemented features to facilitate seamless data export and import, ensuring smooth operations for the HR department.
  • Scalability: Ensured the design could accommodate the large workforce of Luca Bakery and scale as the company grows.

The attendance application provided Luca Bakery with a reliable solution for managing attendance data across its various locations. The seamless export and import functionality simplified HR processes, enhancing overall efficiency.

This project exemplifies my ability to deliver practical UX/UI solutions for complex organizational challenges, emphasizing efficiency and user satisfaction.

1. Manager Dashboard

2. Administrators Dashboard

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