Nicolae Furtuna

WordPress and UX/UI Designer

with Over 6 Years of Expertise
*this website is all the time Work In Progress


Oana Grecea

Communication & PR manager at the Special Olympics Romania Foundation

"I collaborated with Nicolae for the website of the organization I work for. I appreciated that, unlike other programmers, I could really communicate with him. Besides the fact that he made us a website as we wanted, he helped me and made me understand how the wordpress platform works, where and what I need to change. He made me demonstration videos as many times as needed and was always available with answers when I needed them. A pleasure to work with him. A smart and funny guy."

Sanda Gabriela Murtaza

PR Specialist, Fundaţia Baylor – Marea Neagră – BIPAI ROMÂNIA

“It gives me great pleasure to recommend Mr. Nicolae Furtuna. He is a fully dedicated professional. His contribution, during our collaboration enhanced the quality of the project we were developing at the time. Professionally mature and well balanced, Nicolae managed to approach each work package of the project with the same focus, technical knowledge, and creative support. His attitude towards work and collaboration defined the productivity frame by building a productive dialogue. I am convinced Mr. Furtuna will become indispensable to any team and highly supportive to his peers, active in terms of disseminating key technical information, providing professional growth support to the team, and conducting consultative meetings with the client. Nicolae shows great commitment to rapid skills acquisition, endeavoring his further professional development. He’ll definitely contribute to boosting the tenacious efforts of any employer preoccupied to unlock the full potential he can reach. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details on Mr. Nicolae Furtuna contribution to designing, implementing and timely launching of our project. “

 Fundaţia Baylor – Marea Neagră – BIPAI ROMÂNIA

About me

I'm a curious person who strives to understand the bigger picture. I have a mind that works well with mechanics and procedures.
I communicate easily with designers, stakeholders, customers, engineers and marketing teams because I've been in their shoes at some point in my career.

Professional Path

After earning my Bachelor's degree in 2012, I embarked on a varied career journey that eventually led me to my true passion. Initially, I explored different roles, from being a curator at the National Museum to working in the Scottish Highlands.

In 2017, I found my calling in WordPress website design. Starting with small projects, I quickly honed my skills. In 2019, I co-founded Octa Design Solutions, offering web development and graphic design services.

In 2022, I shifted to freelancing, collaborating on diverse web development projects in an Agile enviroment (Jira, Notion). In 2022, I expanded my expertise to UX/UI design, blending it seamlessly with Front-end Development. This journey has equipped me with a unique skill set, ready to tackle new challenges in the tech industry.

Tools & Skills

My skills are in making WordPress websites and UX/UI design for small, medium, and large businesses. This involves designing, building, and optimizing websites for high speeds and SEO readiness, using different builders like Breakdance, Elementor, or custom code (PHP, JS, CSS, HTML), and configuring GTM, SMTP, Forms, etc.
I also design and create the architecture for web apps for various clients using Figma, Google Sheets, Fig jam etc.

Other tool skills include projects where I've used Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Mailchimp, Miro, Bootstrap, Tailwind, GitHub, and React. While I'm not a pro at them, I can effectively use them without losing precious time.